Chicago-based indie-electronic upstart Light Scene is made up of Drew Weikart and Jim Maletich. The longtime friends effortlessly combine their talents from guitar, to piano, to production, creating a unique yet familiar listening experience. Making their first impression on the 2022 calendar year, Light Scene debuts “You Got It.”

With their hands on the pulse of the electronic and rocks sounds of the now, Light Scene creates nuanced music for the eager listener. Best defined as chill, rhythmic melancholy, the duo's “You Got It” is the perfect intersectionality of intoxicating melodic emotion. Swathed in haunting captivation, “You Got It” opens with solemn piano chords. Contemplative percussive elements quickly set the stage as arpeggiated guitar punches take hold. Stirring vocals from Drew Weikart sit serenely atop of the track's spellbinding production, as Light Scene flex their hand at innate indie-electronic mastery. Drawing its authority from a less-is-more, stripped back production style, “You Got It” is the exciting first release of the year from Light Scene.

Stream “You Got It” on your preferred platform here, or find it below on Spotify.