Lana Del Rey has spoken out following her “fight” with “stalkers” in Paris.

The singer was recently spotted having a heated exchange in the French capital city, where she claimed someone was “following” her and her family. It is unknown whether the person following Del Rey was a photographer or a fan.

TMZ published a video of the singer responding to the person after they claimed Del Rey “came to me”, to which she said: “You followed me! With my family! Get away from me. Don’t follow me! Don’t follow me!”

When the person told her they didn’t understand why she was upset, Del Rey replied: “I am upset! Don’t let them follow me. I only have one day here. I work every single day. I have four hours to myself.” After the person told Del Rey not to “scream”, Del Rey answered: “Shut up! Don’t follow people.”

Del Rey has since commented underneath a video of the incident, branding them as “stalkers” and writing: “These assholes actually told me that they were going to alter the pictures to make me look bad after we got into the fight.”

TMZ have reached out to Del Rey’s representatives for comment.

Del Rey recently spoke to NME at the Ivor Novello Academy Awards, with her sharing memories of living in Hackney’s Kingsland Road. “I remember every smell, every shop, every beauty shop,” she told NME.

“I used to get green contact lenses – like, greener than my eyes – for my interviews to get signed. Ben [Mawson, manager] once saw me, and I had these massive extensions as well, and he physically took the little green lizard contacts.

“He stomped them and he was like, ‘You look like a lizard!’ Anyways, there are amazing beauty shops on Kingsland Road: past the fish market, the buses, I remember everything.”


In other news, Billie Eilish has responded to Lana Del Rey calling her the “voice of our generation”.

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