Just last year we were introducing the first single from LA-artist Kaerhart, “Drain My Love”. Since that release the track has received almost 1 million plays and put Kaerhart's name on the map. On Monday she followed up her debut release with a new cover Buffalo Springfield's “For What It's Worth”. The track comes in a very timely manner as peaceful protests break out across the country. On her instagram she shares “Months ago I was in a session with my good friend and producer, @chrisdeadrobot . We were both feeling outraged and upset about the state the world and decided to channel that angst into covering our favorite protest song: For What It's Worth. While working on the track, I had this realization that a lot the issues our culture faced during the 1960s are a lot the same concerns we are still facing today. This song serves as a reminder that for generations humans have continued to make the same mistakes… But I believe we are living in a critical time, one where we can finally begin choosing LOVE over fear.”

Give her new track a spin and be sure to look out for more new music!