Providing a dreamlike experience on his latest drop, Kodiak Arcade has returned with the blissful gem “Rare Sun”, encompassing euphoric soundscapes and echoey vocals. The track’s impressive production is both vivid and evocative, creating an enveloping experience that listeners are guaranteed to get lost in. Kodiak Arcade is an art project and moniker for frontman Graeme Cornies and an ever-expanding list of collaborators. For the release of ‘Rare Sun’, that key collaborator was Joshua Van Tassel. Both of the musicians contribute a wealth of A-star expertise and knowledge to the track, with Graeme on guitar, bass, samplers and vocals, and Joshua on drums and a variety of machines and aux percussion.  Dive into the vibey new single “Rare Sun” below now and be sure to check out a quote on the release as well. Enjoy!

“We wanted ‘Rare Sun’ to feel like the fuzzy recollection of summer memories. With guitar, synths, and steel drums shimmering and blurring together, and a vocal that sounds like something half-remembered, it feels like some sort of warm, nostalgic environment. It almost evokes that moment in the sun, where we can see warm colours through our closed eyelids, and have a moment to really relax and hear into the distance.”