Kanye West has just released his latest album 'Jesus is King' today - though it was 12-hours later than anticipated, following a Tweet by Kanye.

While the record was most recently meant to be dropped at midnight last night, which Kanye announced Twitter on Thursday with an image of the complete track list, that did not happen. This is following Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian-West, announcing the record would be released on September 27, then saying it'll "definitely" be released by September 29, before then essentially issuing radio silence when it remained under wraps until the past week.

Apparently, after his interview yesterday with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, in which Kanye declared he's "unquestionably the greatest human artist of all time", the fabled producer spent the remainder of the day, night, and presumably this morning in the studio attempting to polish some final tracks at the buzzer.

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The song titles that needed more mixing work, which seem to have held up the midnight release, were 'Everything We Need', 'Follow God', and 'Water'. The record was made public shortly after noon today.

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Following a 'Jesus is King' film debut at select IMAX theaters last night, it's been reported that viewers were disappointed with a largely incomprehensible 30-minute short, for which they paid a ticket price equivalent of a full feature.

The album is available for stream on Spotify now.

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