Justin S. Grant continues displaying his artistic versatility since the beginning of the year. After a debut experimental pop single, “Don’t Go!,” a Beatles’ cover, “Let It Be,” and a Hip-Hop track, “Run Away,” the prolific artist is now gracing us with an electronic/dance anthem titled “@ddicted 2 Mi Phone.” 

The heavy bass is intelligently waived with the beat, creating an addictive vibe to the track. Justin S. Grant repeats “addicted to my phone” like a mantra, and sprinkles the entire track with vocal sounds that seem to be coming from another planet. 

What matters is that it’s the kind of track you would want to hear in a rave, dancing your soul away through the night. If you think Grant has shown all of his capabilities, beware, because the talented artist surely has some more magic tricks under his belt. Stay in the loop.

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