Following Spotify's list emerging genres for this past year, Jumpstyle braced the charts alongside Chillhop, Future Funk, and Cinematic Dubstep. While many our readers may be familiar with jumpstyle already, jumpstyle is a type dance style as well as a popular electronic music genre in Western and Eastern Europe.

Jumpstyle, also known as jump, was created in Belgium in 1997, but really started to take its shape back 2003 in Germany.

Jumpstyle is ten referred to as an fspring tech-trance, gabber, hardstyle, and mákina. With a BPM 140 to 150, jumpstyle is ten characterized by its 909 kick drum used in a four on the floor type beat.

Below are some the top jumpstyle songs from around the world.

Best Jumpstyle Songs

The Highstreet Allstars – Rock That Beat

K-391 – Fantastic

Rebel feat. Sidney Housen – Black Pearl (He's A Pirate)

DJ Gollum – The Passenger

Starsplash – Cold As Ice

Nick Skitz & Technoposse – Call From Babylon

Jumpstyle Artists List

DJ Inappropriate
DJ Gollum
The Highstreet Allstars
Nick Skitz
Jeckyll & Hyde

Best Russian Jumpstyle Video

One the most popular jumpstyle (hardjump) videos online comes from Jumpstyle Russia. Watch as they dance to Noisecontroller's “Confusions” in this incredible video demonstrating their talent below.

Jumpstyle Playlist on Spotify