South London musical talent Joe Turner returns with a melodic & dynamic journey in the form of “Borders,” featuring the sultry vocals of Julia Church. Two artists quickly becoming some of London’s most in-demand musical creatives in the electronic scene. “Borders” is built from a gorgeous, melodic chord sequence that builds throughout the track in a progressive house/trance-influenced way. 

Joe Turner & Julia Church "Borders" Review

Julia’s vocals add a glorious cherry to the cake, holding the top-line melody with the expertise of a songwriter at the top of her game. 

Church describes her experience writing Borders as “a nostalgic look at a past love that never truly concluded and still feels magnetic…I liked how the idea of wanting to know somebody’s borders feels all-encompassing and vast.”

Who Is Joe Turner? 

One of the most exciting names in the London electronic music scene, Turner jas enjoyed support from John Digweed, Jamz Supernova, Pete Tong, and plenty more. His live performance is quickly developing ahead of a string of London shows. “Borders” showcases an artist with a depth of melody and a strong understanding of his craft. Speaking on the single, which he describes as 

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“a love for something or someone that hasn’t quite faded”, contrasting the verses sonically “to help portray the emotions of Julia’s vocals. The verses are calm and almost romantic, whilst the choruses are much more frantic and explosive.”

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