By painting blissful landscapes through nostalgic, all-encompassing synth-pop music, J.V.’s journey into a vivid world where emotions flow loosely; temptation builds gregariously; and sincerity replenishes aspirations allows the listener to coast through their harlequin imagination. The Brazilian singer, songwriter and producer finds his home between the alluring, composed seas and bustling city of Florianopolis, an island located south of Brazil. His hybrid approach at creating music is a breathe of fresh air seeing the upcoming act blend all sorts of styles and sounds together into one coordinated deliver that sounds great, especially on his latest offering “Thunder”, his colorful new masterpiece.The single tells a story of bringing comfort to someone you care about in times of fear. Check it out now below!

“With ‘Thunder' I went for a more storytelling approach with the songwriting. It's a dialogue between a mother and a child during a thunderstorm. It was a very fun song to do; a bit inspired by Kate Bush ways of doing dialogue in songs. But overall, it's a cute song about trying to bring comfort to someone you care about in times of fear.” – J.V.