Celebrating thirteen years of unparalleled musical experiences, Infrasound Festival proudly announces its 2024 lineup, setting the stage for an unforgettable event at Harmony Park Music Garden from June 6-9. This year, the festival not only continues its legacy of showcasing a spectrum of electronic music talents but also emphasizes the experience, the event, the community, and a commitment to sound system culture.

Infrasound Festival 2024 Lineup

Infrasound 2024 Lineup

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Leading the charge is UK producer Joker, marking a significant return to US touring and a heralded return has captivated fans. Beloved sonic innovator, Eprom, promises an exploration of his vast musical archives amidst tours of his recent album Syntheism, while legends like Ott and pioneering acts such as J Kenzo, and Ternion Sound further solidify the lineup’s depth. Adding a unique flavor to the lineup, beloved kLL sMTH will present a live hybrid DJ x Cooking set billed as ‘gRLL sMTH‘, merging spicy beats with culinary art in a multi-tasked performance that promises to be a festival highlight.

Highlighting the festival’s diverse appeal are performances by Sister Nancy, one of the most influential female dancehall artists globally, and a special set by Younger Brother (DJ set by Benji Vaughan, originally founded with Simon Posford). Juno Reactor, also known as a significant contributor to The Matrix 2 and 3 soundtracks, will bring their influential psytrance sound to the festival, showcasing one of the genre’s most enduring and influential acts since the 90s.

Shlump will showcase at Infrasound 2024, fresh off debuting his new hybrid psychedelic rock-bass live shows this Winter. Nik P, a fast-rising star in the drum and bass scene, will deliver his cutting-edge sound alongside Pheel, another breakthrough talent whose dynamic performances are sure to energize grassroots fans.

Mystic Grizzly will infuse his sets with a unique blend of spiritual and revolutionary sounds, forging a deep connection with the audience. Mary Droppinz is set to captivate attendees with her omni-genre DJ prowess, and K.L.O will make a rare US tour appearance, bringing their innovative live-scratching and immersive audiovisual set to Infrasound’s iconic stages.

Infrasound Festival distinguishes itself by creating an atmosphere that transcends typical festival experiences, emphasizing community over headliners and education over entertainment. This year’s ticket sales reflect the strong culture and commitment Infrasound has fostered, showcasing artists and music potent enough to draw attendees nationwide. 

From its humble beginnings as a series of raves to its current status as a respected festival, Infrasound was born from the vision MN-natives and founders, Alex “Toffler” Heiligman and David Liberman, to bring elite electronic acts to the Midwest. Their journey from attending events at Harmony Park as teens to curating one of the most anticipated festivals in the electronic music scene is a testament to their passion for and dedication to the community.

PHOTO CREDIT: Joe Create from Infrasound 2022

Harmonic Stage is equipped with a Funktion-One sound system, complemented by an impressive array of 3mm curved LED walls, high powered lasers and state of the art lighting, creating an immersive auditory and visual experience that captivates and energizes the audience.

PHOTO CREDIT: Tim McG from Infrasound

The Portal Stage, an iconic fixture at Infrasound, exemplifies the festival’s innovative integration of art and music. Originally designed by Carey Thompson for a Tipper New Year’s Eve show in San Francisco, this masterpiece of woodwork and sacred geometry was later acquired by Infrasound to enhance its immersive experience. Known for his contributions to major events like Burning Man and Electric Forest, Thompson’s design, coupled with an Element 5 sound system and ClearVoid visuals, creates a unique atmosphere that is quintessentially Infrasound. This stage’s history from a bespoke event piece to a central festival element underlines Infrasound’s commitment to curating unforgettable spaces where artistry and electronic music converge.

PHOTO CREDIT: Joe Create from Infrasound 2022

The Pyramid Stage is not just a platform for musical performances but a canvas for visual artistry, with a storied presence at Infrasound since 2013. This stage is a testament to the festival’s intimate atmosphere, nestled within the forest campgrounds, where attendees can closely engage with performing artists. Enhanced by the pristine sound quality of Void Acoustics, the Pyramid Stage is a focal point for auditory excellence in the open air. Adding a significant layer to this intimate experience is Aaron Brooks (@abrooksart), an independent visual artist based in Colorado. Known for creating Subtronics’ iconic Cyclops logo, Brooks has a long-standing collaboration with Infrasound, where his live mural paintings become a dynamic backdrop to the music. 

Infrasound is more than a festival; it’s an annual pilgrimage for the electronic music community, offering a sanctuary where artistry, creativity, and connection flourish. General Admission Weekend Tickets are available for $239.99, including camping, inviting attendees to immerse themselves fully in the Infrasound experience. Tickets: https://theticketing.co/e/infra24.

PHOTO CREDIT: Joe Create from Infrasound 2022




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