Israel’s powerhouse duo Infected Mushroom returns to Monstercat, delivering their new four-track EP, ‘Shroomeez’. With their unmistakable brand of trippy psytrance on full display, the project ushers in their 25th year as dance music veterans and production virtuosos.

From the rock-infused track, ‘You Wanna Stay’ to the club-ready closer, ‘Ma Osim’, fans can look forward to the duo’s signature sonic complexities and otherworldly compositions that they’ve come to love since the ‘90s, through releases like ‘Becoming Insane’, ‘I Wish’ or ‘Smashing the Opponent’. 

Infected Mushroom share, “The ‘Shroomeez’ EP came to life from the NFT art that was presented to us. We imagined a planet full of mushroom creatures and a mushroom collective. It was super fun writing 4 futuristic trance tracks that will suit a society of shroomeez. Dropping this EP as an entrance to the NFT world is an exciting way to release music in the future and spread the word of Infected Mushroom.” 

Infected Mushroom’s corresponding ‘Shroomeez’ NFT drop is a groundbreaking endeavor in the art world, pushing the boundaries of audiovisual tech in their next chapter of innovation. They partnered with experimental artist FARGO.  

The continued interest in NFTs within the electronic music industry further lays the foundation for a decentralized financial system, giving way for artists to capitalize on the direct-to-consumer marketplace of NFTs. Here lies an opportunity for producers, live painters and digital artists to become more fiancially sustainable. Watch out for the what the artist-centered record label, Cosmic Wire has in store for the future of NFTs. 

FARGO comments, “Infected Mushroom are true visionaries and they share a similar free-spirited approach to the creative process as I do. Our trust in each other fueled this project beyond our wildest expectations. It’s a magical universe only we could pull off. The most important thing to note about the AI-Enabled art process I have formed, is for the first time ever, the software has upgraded itself from the role of a “tool” to a “collaborator.” The AI is a collaborative partner and we pass files back and forth to create the results together, each using our strengths to aid the others’ weaknesses.”

Greg Fargo’s mother, Cindi Fargo, is a righteous woman and she will happily tell you he was drawing pictures before he could talk. As a child he consumed himself with endless creative activities and could keep busy to himself for hours on end. FARGO has done work for musicians such as Krewella, ZHU, Gallant and many others.
Using cutting edge AI technology to develop self-discovered methods, he cultivated over half a million images in his first 100 days of exploration, with no plans to slow down.

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