India Jordan & Finn have released their third annual Christmas mix, titled Joy III The World. The mix is “90 minutes of dance music gold, frankincense and myrrh,” according to the two DJs. There are tunes from the likes of Marshall Jefferson, Ultra Naté, Black Loops, Todd Edwards and others.

The pair has had a long history of collaborating, not just on these mixes, but playing gigs together and putting out music. They put out a two-track EP All About Love / Big B earlier this month. The party to celebrate the EP and this mixtape was cancelled from its December 17 date because of COVID.

Listen to the mixtape below and get into the holiday spirit.

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1. Ultra Naté - You & Me Together
2. Human League - Life On Your Own (Extended Mix)
3. The Inquisition - F2COM15
4. Dazzle - No One’s At Home
5. A.B.T. - I Desire You (Sample)
6. Julian Jonah - Satisfaction Guaranteed
7. Marshall Jefferson - Vibe Three
8. E-freq - Mind the Gap
9. Todd Terry - Out of Sight
10. M-People - One Night in Heaven
11. Todd Terry - D&D Beats
12. Deep Dish & Tracey Thorn - The Future of the Future (Stay Gold)
13. DJ Tonka - Use Ya Ears
14. G Flame - Ohh
15. UBQ Project - Oh Oh Oh!!!
16. Gruv'n Disco Affair - You Don't Want To Lose It (Todd Edwards Original 1995 Reconstruction Version)
17. World Unity - Joy, Pain, Happiness (Inst Dub)
18. Sonic Soul - Love
19. Brett Dancer - Feelin’ Fine
20. Chubb Rock - Ya Bad Chubb
21. Danae - Eternal (Demo Mix)
22. Armless Kid - Sense of Love (Black Loops 1am Remix)
23. Layla - Gotta Find Love (Marshall Jefferson Club Mix)
24. Denaila - Feel Good
25. GusGus - Purple (T-World Remix)