Hudson Mohwake has dropped a new mixtape titled ‘B.B.H.E’, which stands for ‘Big Booty Hiking Exhibition’, Warp Records.

Among the 14 tracks there’s a selection of previously unreleased music and fan favourites that the Glasgwegian artist has been sitting on, in some cases dating as far back as the mid-2000s.

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The pandemic and sitting in quarantine has made him reevaluate holding the tunes back from release. “I feel like it was weighing me down to not actually have this stuff be available officially anywhere,” said Hudson Mohawke.

Alongside the drop, Hudson Mohawke has released a new t-shirt made in collaboration with Chris (Simpsons artist) with a limited run 200 on sale Bandcamp.

Hudson Mohawke drops new mixtape ‘B.B.H.E.’

1 - Brooklyn
2 - Mandarania
3 - Spruce Illest Bumper
4 - Animo
5 - Beyond
6 - Tar
7 - 100HM
8 - Wellpark
9 - Rosado
10 - Macanudo
11- Herberts
12 - Pushin The Levels
13 - Liquid Heat
14 - Monte Fisto

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