Hipster Conspiracy is a debuting artist, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who releases her first album, Dysphoria, home to a collection of eleven songs that act as a pure, honest, and tremendously beautiful reflection of her identity. It took her years, four exactly, to finalize this album, in which she created almost every single sound one can hear when streaming the record. As a multi-instrumentalist, she thoroughly imagines each instrumentals for each track in the most appropriate way to support her lyrics, and have the most impact on the listener’s emotions. 

Hipster Conspiracy unveils her deepest, and hides almost nothing from us, while she tells all about her going through a phase of Dysphoria in life, triggered by an identity crisis towards accepting her transgender nature, especially in the eyes of others. This crisis led her to suffer greatly from mental health issues and substance abuse, but she courageously overcame all obstacles to now stand as an accomplished human being with a bright future in music awaiting for her.