Fall is here and with it comes a slew of songs and anthems for people in every genre. Everything from workouts to dance and reflective moods exist in this month's rap and r&b list.

This list really runs the gammut in regards to styles, flow, and flavor. Some are a bit more on the commercial side while other undiscovered talents simply need the attention it deserves. 

So let's dive into some updates in the world of underground hip-hop before moving on to our favorite tracks that dropped.

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Which Rappers Released Music In September 2022?

In September alone we got a few of the year's most anticipated rap albums from artists like EST Gee, Lakeeyah, and newer artists like Symba and Big Walk Dog. Their music revived the energy of the early 2000s while also showing what makes them unique and impactful in this day and age. 

Big 30's energetic album Last Man Standing and Memphis veteran Don Trip's Christopher: Season 2, help round out the list of great southern rap albums for the month. 

Kid Cudi's Entergalatic album and Freddie Gibb's long-awaited SSS (Soul Sold Separately) are two albums fans are sure to have in rotation for some time. 

R&B wise we got the long-awaited return of Ari Lennox with her Age Sex Location album and Away Message EP. Jenevieve continued her musical run dropping the Rendezvous EP while veterans like John Legend and Yuna added to their solid legacy of thoughtful and impactful tunes. 

Aloe Blacc's new single Free introduces the uplifting anthem energy for the winter season while Ciara and Summer Walker's Better Thangs gives listeners the healed and hopeful vibes they are looking for as the summer comes to an end. Check out the list and be prepared to add these projects to your playlists. 

Our Favorite Indie Rap Tracks Of September 2022