Harry Nathan's new Sweet Release EP is a bumping 4-track-project by the Aussie up and comer and it's a great listening that is well worth looking into. The House infused project ranges from a handful of different sub-genres within the house realm, all smoothly blended together. Check out a quote from Harry Nathan below now and be sure to stream his new Sweet Release EP!

“The Sweet Release EP is a loungey deep/disco house project. I always loved house music growing up, and was a big fan of labels like Defected, Nervous and Ed Banger. I would record live DJ mixes of fresh house cuts I’d discovered and give the cd’s to my friends. These days most house music is produced and mixed for functionality; to work on a dance floor. I wanted to create an EP that was a more lo-fi, laid back lounge version of deep and disco house. Making music that is ‘listenable’ as opposed to a ‘banger’ is very important to me.People used to ask me if my music was purposely lo-fi and I never understood what that meant. I eventually realised that my taste naturally gravitates toward a nostalgic, lo-fidelity sound. Most dance music these days is so bright and loud, mixed toslam. This doesn’t interest me. I just want to make music that I like and feels good.” – Harry Nathan