Italian entrepreneur and DJ/Producer Gianluca Vacchi has built a lavish Reggaeton playground, for Bonaire born Singer/Songwriter Ir-Sais to work his magic. Effortlessly tantalizing ‘Para’ is a sizzling hot Summer groove packed with sex appeal. Fun and flirty, the up-tempo number mirrors Gianluca’s infectious energy and lust for life.

“I created the demo of ‘Para’ more than a year ago in the studio in Miami together with my artistic team but I couldn’t figure out who could interpret it. When I discovered Ir-Sais this Summer with his track ‘Dream Girl’ I immediately felt that he would be perfect for the song. Ir was very enthusiastic about the collaboration and we only needed a couple of days of working together to finish it. I think it’s a cool track and in step with the times: a modern, colourful, and international sounding Reggaeton song. Enjoy!” — Gianluca Vacchi explains

“I still can’t believe how fast this all happened. Gianluca and I connected after I saw his TikTok Video to my Song DreamGirl. We spoke and he sent me Para and it instantly connected with me and I recorded it very fast. I’m very honored to be on a track with Gianluca singing in my own native Language Papiamento and to be promoting it with him around the world. ” — Ir Sais explains