It’s been revealed that Daft Punk asked George Michael to collaborate on their 2005 album ‘Human After All’.

The single ‘Robot Rock’ was among several demos sent to Michael in the hopes he would add to them.

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Michael’s co-writer and co-producer, James Jackman, has revealed that Michael joined Daft Punk in Paris with the aim of recording some music. However, the 'Last Christmas' singer claimed that, throughout the sessions, he “sat on a beanbag in Guy-Manuel’s flat, eating M&Ms”.

It’s previously been speculated the duo produced Michael’s 2004 single ‘Freeek!” under the pseudonym The Moogymen, who are the co-writers and co-producers credited on the single. The rumours circulated after fans noticed the single is similar to Daft Punk’s sound.

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Jackman denies this and states that they just wanted something "quirky" for Michael’s album, but they enjoyed the fact fans were so intrigued.

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