When electronic music maven  announced his newest event, , would be setting sail from Miami all the way to Coco Bay in the Bahamas, the wave excitement in the dance community was high. As Finest of EDM first , the man also-known-as ’s new venture would be backed by his own, and newly minted, AMFAMFAMF banner aboard the Celebrity Equinox December 11–15.

Now, AMFAMFAMF announced that cabins are no longer available for its inaugural sailing. Despite no lineup yet unveiled, 3,000 FriendShippers placed their trust in Richards’ ability to man the FRIENDSHIP’s maiden voyage and make it one to remember. FRIENDSHIP sold-out within less than 48 hours — because course.

Richards has undoubtedly built an irrefutable reputation in the industry over the years as the founder Events and the current president . As such, FriendShippers can expect some the best international music acts aboard the ship, and though the lineup will surely prove to be an impressive feat, the four-night venture promises immeasurable beauty in itself.