Galactic Marvl – Hello My Friends

Offering up his debut album Hello My Friends, mystery producer Galactic Marvl has managed to create a 15-song album without a single bad track. The range genres represented is insane, it is hard to believe each track came from the same producer but they all share a common ethereal feel and bending synths. Not only that, but each song could be used as a perfect example to represent the genre it’s in. There are bouncing choruses, immaculate drum tracks, well-executed vocal chops and an overall feeling that this artist knows exactly what they’re doing. I haven’t had this much fun listening to an album since Flume released Skin.

‘Hello My Friends’ is an ethereal opening song, reminiscent Daft Punk’s ‘Contact’, with an ODESZA and Porter Robinson vibe. “Hello my friends, where have you been? It’s time to begin again…”. It sets the tone for the album with airy backing vocals, a driving beat and comfortable drum fills.

‘Save Me’ is a fantastic collaboration with vocalist Connor Foley. It has a breathy subdued verse, leading to a heavy dramatic chorus with a tolling bell. This track released in July, and feels like it belongs in an episode ‘Suits’. “I’m on a path that is reckless/And I’m loving it/Oh yeah, I’m loving it”. The chorus has a cinematic feel, really driving home the feeling the lyrics.

‘Blue Lips’ featured Caroline Vreeland on vocals, a morose sounding song with a catchy chorus and a bending synth. Another release that has been out for a while this track premiered in September 2016. If it’s setting the tone along with ‘Save Me’ for the rest the album then we’re in for a treat. The verse has no kick under it, contrasting the popping build and chorus that much better.

Next up is the remix Alex Winston’s ‘Down Low’, an imaginative future bass take on the originally slow tune. This tune released almost exactly a year ago, and is immaculately produced. It bounces from featuring the vocals the original almost alone to the same bending synth that throws the backing track f balance in a good way. Again, he sets up groovy chorus after groovy chorus, it’s impossible not to bob your head and enjoy this album.

‘Don’t You Worry’ keeps the ethereal backing vocals to fill the airwaves but moves into a completely different vibe than the previous ferings, featuring a stark 4-on-the-floor bass line paired with funky vocals.

‘I Remember’  is up next, feeling like a cross between Foster the People and electronica. The breakdown is completely different than anything else so far, and pleasantly so. Tambourine, bubbling synths, an electric guitar and vocal chops keep you on your toes for this track.

‘I Feel Good’ is another collaboration with Connor Foley, this time a little more upbeat. It has an 80s feel to it, and Connor’s vocal work so perfectly with the track. Play this one in the summer time with the top down and groove.

From a completely different direction comes ‘Do It To Me’.  The drums on this track are amazing, the fills are dynamic and yet there is still plenty space in between.  There aren’t any real vocals on this but some are still used, filling out the background spaces on the future/tribal bass feel.

The self-titled track ‘Galactic Marvl’ feels a like walk through the city at night. “Everything I see, a supersonic mystery”. No kidding dude, talk about a sonic mystery. The chill vibes a simple rhythm and a strong guitar base paired with the now signature synth ebbing in the background makes for easy listening here.

‘Possessed’ is a collaboration with the eerie vocals Kacie Marie. The intro to the track is laid back and transforms into a surprisingly fast-paced beat. Urgency in the backing music lends itself to the title an unnatural possession. Another verse leads into a bongo-filled bridge with Kacie singing “bang bang bang” with the beat, then back into the quick chorus. So many musical elements are represented here, it’s impossible to predict and been a delightful ride for the whole album so far.

The next track ‘All I Think About’ was the lead single for the album released in November. It feels like another future bass fering, with a completely nuts drop. We reviewed it , it is a standout on the album.

The next track is a collaboration with trip-hop producer Gramatik called ‘Voyager Twins’. This trap/dubstep banger is interlaced with smooth guitar plucks and cheeky horns. The second drop is straight out the Skrillex circa 2010 playbook. Honestly I don’t know if I can handle any more genre whiplash, this whole thing has just. Been. So. Good.

A interlude called ‘Over and Over’ begins with what sounds like a creepy recording then transitions into the same feel the opening track ‘Hello My Friends’. It was a nice 1 minute and 20 second palate cleanser, perfectly setting up the penultimate track.

‘Helena Drive’ is another Flume-like future bass piece with a stronger emphasis on the bending synths to create a bizarre atmosphere that gets mugged by a trap artist with heavy percussion lines. As enjoyable as it is weird, it leads nicely into the final track, a longer vocal version ‘Hello My Friends’

The chords seem to transform from the introduction and work to bring the sense a finale on the vocal mix. It perfectly rounds out a truly incredible debut album from Galactic Marvl. I can’t wait to hear what else this incredible mystery act has in store for us.

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