Four Tet has collaborated with The Next Episode podcast on '100 Voice Notes About The Election', hosted by Ben Zand and Linda Adey.

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Four Tet made the background mix for this episode which features the thoughts of 100 young adults in the UK about how they think the election results will impact them with Boris Johnson and Brexit at the forefront. Although Four Tet championed a vote for Labour on his own social media pages, the podcast showcases the reality of the diverse thoughts and opinions of the UK public, including a quote saying, "waking up as a Jew this morning, the one thing I felt was absolute sheer relief..."

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Others expressed not-so-positive reactions stating, "it's absolutely mad" and "I've actually not slept yet". The podcast also features thoughts from UK celebrities including comedian Tez Ilyas and Crystal from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. Four Tet's mix emotes contemplation, reflection and distorted chaos.


1. Gong
2. Peace For Earth
3. Gentle Soul
4. Symbol4
5. Crush
6. 10 Midi
7. Symbol5 Track1

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