Any fan modern progressive has likely heard the name ‘.’ The British producer has been amidst an avalanche his success since the start his career, breaking through ficially in 2016 with a release on ‘s Knee Deep In Sound.

Soonafter, he found himself not only working with the likes and , with releases on both and , but also as a new protegé sorts.

Such accolades come with great reason; Cristoph’s outputs are extremely consistent in quality and technique. Within his own sonic tropes, he skillfully navigates the full spectrum emotion — from dark, brooding, tech-lace progressive, to more euphoric cuts. His sets are equally class, traversing multiple pathways to create an aural adventure no matter the length.

Cristoph will be debuting at San Diego’s on Saturday, March 3, where he is set to fill the City Steps speakers with his delectable brand progressive. To give a deeper taste on what’s in store, he generously provided Finest of EDM with an exclusive mix to celebrate.



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