The long-awaited release “Bloodshot” from Minnesota trance duo Euphoric Nation is now available. Often teased in their sets, and the intro of their radio show “Trance Paradise”, this track can now be enjoyed to its full extent. The title of “Bloodshot” came as a nod to the Valiant Comics famous super soldier.

In order to paint a proper picture of what it means to exist as the Valiant Comics character, Euphoric Nation would have to find a way to express pure emotional turmoil and the aching desire for revenge. What they have come up with not only places us in the biotech mindset of Bloodshot but also represents the fragile human emotion. “Bloodshot” covers the emotions of life, death, and the electronic elements that connect them back to the character the track is based on. This is done by delivering everything from gut-wrenching basslines, to whimsical melodic breaks.

Euphoric Nation – “Bloodshot” is available now OHM Music!