Multi-instrumentalist and composer Tom Ashbrook unveils his latest EP ko:da. This project is a collaborative effort, one that finds Ashbrook working alongside the likes of Grammy-nominee Greta Svabo Bech, Robot Koch and talented director and filmmaker Marcell Lobenwein. The 5-track EP consists of two original singles along with three re-works of Ashbrook’s 2020 single "Klass."

The EP opens with a stunning cinematic short film titled MISSUXO directed and produced by Hungarian cinematographer Marcell Lobenwein. Featuring the soundtrack edit of "Klass," the film tells the story of two lovers who are at a turbulent time of their relationship and their journey together as they make their way to Marseille. 

Speaking on the concept of the film and connection to "Klass," Lobenwein explained that “all my favorite movies have amazing soundtracks, so music and film are really important to me when thinking up scenes, or editing. The parts in Hungary were shot before I had ever heard ‘Klass,’ and the parts in France were shot after, so I think those scenes were very informed by the track. As soon as I heard ‘Klass’ I could see how the material we shot could fall into place to create the feeling of Laura and Martin’s relationship.” 

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When asked about what he hopes people will take away from the film, Ashbrook said, “I hope that the music subtly creates an underlying mood that captures the inner thoughts of the two main characters and their movements together in life, the delicacy of a relationship and how it travels through the emotions. I hope people get brought into this world and want to see how it pans out.”

Ko:da EP continues with "tu ː orbit," an emotion-filled track that sees Greta Svabo Bech wear her heart on her sleeve over a powerful backdrop of moving synths and delicate piano elements. Known for her guest appearance on deadmau5’s "Raise Your Weapon," Greta elevates the song further with her soothing vocal delivery and vulnerable lyrics. We are then gifted with the beautifully, haunting re-work of "Klass" from none other than Berlin’s own Robot Koch. Released under his other solo project Foam and Sand, this variation takes "Klass" to another sonic universe laden with soaring synth pads and ethereal tones.

The project concludes with the peaceful piano-driven title track "ko:da." Sonically transcending listeners into deep relaxation and space of comfort, Ashbrook explained that “this EP extends and elaborates the thematic material and I'd like to say thank you to Robot Koch and Greta Svabo Bech who have connected with the piece and made it their own.” Get your copy of the EP here.

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