Denzel Curry is a changed man. With his new album Melt My Eyez See Your Future, the South Florida rapper changes his sonic appetite to something softer. The deep growl he often raps with is still there, but it is a journey of self-discovery that drives the album.

Denzel got his start as part of large South Florida rap crew Raider Klan. Once they broke up, Denzel took the opportunity to really establish himself. After a few smaller projects, Denzel Curry really broke through in 2018 with his double album TA13OO. He has since been feeding his fans with nearly an album a year, pushing into 2022 with Melt My Eyez See Your Future.

The new LP sees Curry break the mold of his past projects that were frenetic, high energy and in your face. It always felt like he was on the brink of exploding and jumping through a ceiling with his raps. Melt My Eyez See Your Future is a little different. He is more subdued and calm, taking stock of his own life, his actions and the world around him.

The opener, “Melt” sets the tone from the start with Curry seeking repentance not just for the people around him, but also from god. He laments the “best friends” that aren’t really friends, his own self-image issues, depression and his hurtful actions towards others. This is his way of taking responsibility. “Accountability, I take responsibility, for all my actions I pack them in these soliloquies,” he raps.

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There is further commentary upon the world around him with tracks like “The Last,” where cops fuck over black people, despite it being white people being the menace. "Any day can be our last day, so much trouble on the streets that we need to buy a AK, brung a mask for the whole day, we ain't tryna get sick, so we walk around with no face, the USA is a cold place, cold world, cold world, we don't even got a North Face," sings the hook on "The Last."

All of this is to say is that he doesn't ignore the need for bangers. They may not be songs as jumping like “BIRDZ,” but there are plenty of songs for nightlife like “Sanjuro,” the distant, distorted drum and bass on “Zatoichi” or “Troubles,” which was destined to be one with T-Pain on the track.

Denzel Curry is more reflective with Melt My Eyez See Your Future. The instrumentals lean more into classic hip-hop and jazz, without for a moment sounding dated. His music has been frenetic and high energy, but this is a slower, more subdued Curry who wants to change and see the world around him get bettered. It shows growth as a person and musically, expanding the world that Denzel Curry’s music lives in. And in the end, it may just be his most complete and mature album yet. Get your copy here via Loma Vista Recordings.