Raised under a multi-cultural and musically diverse upbringing in Reunion Island, producer and multi-instrumentalist NASAYA is a daring artist, unafraid to blend elements from different styles, musical cultures and instrumentation. With previous releases on Majestic Casual and Concord Records, he’s now teamed up with vocalist MARO to drop his new EP PIRILAMPO via Foreign Family Collective. As MARO explains, this is the first in what could be a series of releases from the pair, "This EP is the first of many projects as MARO x NASAYA. I love it and I’m honestly just very excited for all the music we’re going to write together."

The project is difficult to pin down in terms of genre, though there are elements of organic & soulful house throughout. There’s a feeling of joyful creativity in project, the tone is set with the uplifting first single "Tempo," which evokes a joyous feeling with it’s lush chords and beautifully crafted percussion. The pace drops with "I See It Coming" to a slow-burning, chillout anthem. There’s some gorgeous and unique instrumentation throughout the project, with "Pirilampo" using what sounds like a music box sample at the start to great effect.

It’s an EP that achieved the feat of blending organic instrumentation with electronic elements to perfection. MARO’s vocal and use of English and Portuguese adds an interesting dynamic, with the pair showcasing a definitive sense of style and class throughout the EP. This should be the beginning of a fruitful music collaboration between the two artists. 

Speaking on the EP, NASAYA states: "This EP is a really special project to me. Writing with MARO was the most fun I've had making music in a long time, because we explored new sounds we wouldn’t have on our own. I love how it’s its own weird little world and I can’t wait to share more of the music we made." 

Pick up a copy of the EP here.