Portland, Oregon producer, singer, songwriter and arranger Graham Johnson aka quickly quickly released his debut album The Long and Short of It. He has released two full-length projects before, but he is labeling this as his debut album.. 

Since quickly quickly began almost five years ago, his music has become fuel around the beat-oriented corners of the web with people on SoundCloud, YouTube and Reddit latching onto his music. His first long project, Quickly Quickly Vol. 1 has the sound of a lo-fi beat tape, strongly influenced by one his favorite producers, J Dilla. His music has evolved and grown since then, adding more genres, styles and vocals.

He has continued to show growth into this new album where he sings on just about every track and brings in some interesting features like Sharrif Simmons for a song that blends soul, jazz and electronics in a raw and urgent way.

The tracks flow pretty effortlessly from one to the next, keeping that same spirit from a beat tape, but expanding sonically with soul, indie rock and vibey electronics. The Long and Short of It has a nice mix of tracks that all come together on this album without clashing. It is vibey, lo-fi, at times, melancholic and others, joyous. Songs like “Everything is Different (To Me)" provide moments of smooth percussion guiding along elegant melodies like a winding road on a sunny day and he can find ways to be relatable, talking about back pain on “Wy.”

Pick up your copy of this album here via Ghostly that is a great way to ease into your week, back pain or not. Sit up straight!