It is nice to dig into the inbox and be pleasantly surprised by a release from an artists and label you don’t know. Chinese producer LJC popped up on my radar today with a new four-track EP Kuon on the newly founded FAN Records from Shanghai. The new EP covers ground with wavey beats, grime, dancehall and more all in one concise package.

The title track is a smooth ride of wavey synths and drums that glide along like a late night drive in a video game. Things get a little grittier without losing its shimmering shine on “Echoes” as grime beats are added and low-end comes into play. “Moments” switches things up into some dancehall, but still keeps the wavey feeling of the project, before the finale “NBNS” seems to take elements from each track in one gritty and glittering track.

This is one of the deep finds you will want to have as the first release on a new label. Vibey, smooth and fun, LJC brings it with Koun