Jacques Greene has released a new EP titled Fantasy. This is the first larger project of all new music since his 2019 album Dawn Chorus, one of our favorites of the year. He released an anthology compilation towards the end of 2021 that had a few hard to find tracks and older tunes worth another look, but now Fantasy is a whole new batch of music.

Fantasy hones in on the large, euphoric side of his music. “Taurus” spreads out like Taurus on the night sky and moves with the agility of a bull darting through a crowd. The aggressive breaks balance with a meditative aspect of his music. “Memory Screen / Fantasy” looks back in time, providing a nostalgic lens on music. “Memory Screen” samples Gran Turismo 3 and “Fantasy” has the escapism we have needed from it all.

“relay” carries that momentum with a lot of hardware working together with euphoric synths and breakbeats. “Sky River” has the first feature of the EP. "Sky River" takes the EP into isolation with Satoimagae’s soft vocals swirling alongside gentle synths and drums. The finale “Leave Here” seeks to capture the overall mood of the EP, as a distant voice echoes “got to leave here, you are not alone.” The EP eventually peaks with “Leave Here” as it comes to its isolated raving conclusion.

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Jacques Greene drops another batch of well-made tunes that capture the imagination and nostalgia of when things weren’t so shit. It was made in isolation and can be experienced in isolation, but also feels like Fantasy could really work when we are all together again. Pick up your copy here for digital and then independent records stores here via LuckyMe.