London based producer, DJ and label boss ELKKA, real name Emma Kirby, has released her new EP Euphoric Melodies. The co-founder of femme culture, a record label and collective born out of the desire to champion women and non-binary DJ’s, she creates a group of tracks that live up to the EP title.

It opens with the single “Burnt Orange” that has been her biggest yet with its chunky bass, playful piano melodies and a entrancing, repeating, whispering vocal that creates a vibe perfect for a summer rooftop.

The title track takes a slight turn into flowing, upbeat progressive house. “Flowers” is softer and shiftier, like it is walking up and down stairs as Kirby returns to singing again on the record and acts almost as an interlude. “Alexandra” is the most danceable of the tunes on the record with its flair for melody, but a strong bassline that shakes this one back to the dancefloor.

The EP eventually closes out with the joyous and euphoric “Morning Fuzz” that has the feeling of a warm summer morning looking out on a sunrise over a beautiful mountain range.

The project was an exploration of Kirby values most, the freedom to believe in oneself and just going with your gut. “Honing in on your instincts and being able to trust those feelings, whilst being comfortable to do so, acting on impulse over perfection,” she says.

That instinct has paid off with this project that perfectly transitions from spring to summer. Pick up your copy of Euphoric Melodies via Ninja Tune’s imprint Technicolour here.