After some delays to help line up the physical and digital releases, Burial has released the b-side “Dolphinz” to his new EP Chemz / Dolphinz. The track starts out spooky and slow, like dolphins having a chat in the ocean. It continues to be a slow, ambient burner for the next few minutes, before it becomes dark and haunting again. The ending suddenly takes us above ground with the sound of rustling leaves, insects and birds near a body of water as a woman gives some interesting info on dolphins.

“Dolphinz” sits in strong contrast to “Chemz,” which came out in December. The A-side on the EP is a hefty, sprawling track that uses breaks, garage and a female vocal to spin the listener into a frenzy with nearly three tracks in one.

In between when “Chemz” was released and now “Dolphinz,” Burial released a collaborative EP with Blackdown titled Shock Power of Love, where both artists delivered two tunes.

Pick up your copy of the project in physical and digital versions here via Hyperdub and on your favorite DSPs.