A legend of the lo-fi house, YouTube rabbit holes that many of us will have discovered some of our favorite releases through - New York producer Baltra has become a stalwart of the leftfield, nuanced side of house music. Racking up millions of plays through YouTube built his reputation in his niche, but the new project Ambition exposes an artist with a diverse set of production talents.

Debuting with London label Local Action Records, Baltra has curated a collection of tracks that have both instant warehouse rave appeal, as well as a sincere and melodic element coursing throughout. On Ambition Baltra opens with a face melting half-time anthem, "Make It B.I.G" is full of massive bass drones perfect for the late hours of the night. "Work it Out," is a percussive masterpiece with infinite tribal layers building an outstanding energy. Through "Like A Butterfly" and "Will You Be?" Baltra experiments with live drum sounds and soulful chords, showcasing his undeniable versatility and musical intelligence.

The project is a journey through tribal rhythms, soulful & jazz-tinged moments and a production standard that takes Baltra out of the lo-fi bracket.

Listen in full below and get your copy of the project here.