Manchester based DJ and producer Anz has released her new EP All Hours, a project designed to capture all hours of the day through the eyes of those who love dance music.

All Hours was built to be a soundtrack for 24 hours, from sunrise to the next,” explains Anz. “Dance music for people who are up all hours - through the day to the club and onwards, each track leaves traces in the one that follows.”

The EP may only be six songs, but it captures the mood for those who have energy to dance all day, every day.

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The opener is for those opening your eyes and deciding what to do with the day. It is slow, methodical and a table-setter for the rest of the project. Things then turn up quickly with some bright and fun synth-pop married with a strong bass undercurrent and Riley’s soaring vocals on “You Could Be.”

“Real Enough To Feel Good” is some really funky UKG that makes you feel good as the song suggests. That same energy is carried over into the robotic “Inna Circle” for those who want to grab some people and throw down in a dance circle. The hints of club beats carry over into “Last Before Lights” as she adds some frenetic breaks, ravey synths and some piano for a high-energy late-night record. Things eventually get back to a slower synthwave calm with “Quest Select” as the night slowly recedes to another day.

Anz has broken out over the past few years, garnering residencies on BBC Radio 1 and NTS, while also putting out several EPs in that period. With All Hours, Anz delivers another great project, capturing the various moods and sounds of a full day and spinning them up into a high-energy EP. The momentum for Anz at this point seems pretty unstoppable. Pick up your copy of the EP now via Ninja Tune.