Enhanced Music, a prominent name in the independent dance music scene, has made a significant leap forward by unveiling its new London headquarters in Exmouth Market, Farringdon.

This move comes as the company celebrates its 15th anniversary, marking a substantial growth and achievement period. The new HQ, spanning two floors, is equipped with three state-of-the-art recording studios and a live-streaming space dedicated to broadcasting the label’s popular radio show, Enhanced Sessions. This development signifies a new era for Enhanced Music, promising to elevate the company’s presence and influence in the music industry.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The new headquarters are more than just an office space. Enhanced Music’s HQ boasts three purpose-built recording studios designed to cater to the needs of artists and producers. These studios feature top-end monitoring and recording equipment, including Prism Audio interfaces, Dynaudio monitors, Neumann microphones, Neve pre-amps, and Native Instruments 88-key weighted keyboards. This plug-in-and-play setup ensures seamless integration with any artist’s existing setup, providing a flexible and high-quality recording environment.

The studios also represent the next step in Enhanced Music’s publishing division. In collaboration with Sony Music Publishing, these facilities provide songwriters with world-class resources and a central hub for sessions and writing camps. This initiative underscores Enhanced’s commitment to nurturing creative talent and producing high-quality music.

A Home for Four Acclaimed Labels

Enhanced Music’s new HQ will house its four renowned labels: Enhanced Recordings, Enhanced Progressive, Colorize, and Enhanced Chill. These labels have been instrumental in the company’s success, contributing to billions of streams, millions of downloads, and numerous chart-topping hits. Artists like Estiva, Marsh, and Tritonal have found a home at Enhanced, achieving significant career milestones.

The new office space will also support Enhanced’s expanding publishing division. This growth reflects the company’s dedication to providing comprehensive support for its artists, from recording to publishing, ensuring they have the tools and environment they need to succeed.

Celebrating 15 Years of Success

Enhanced Music’s 15th anniversary is a testament to its sustained success and influence in the dance music industry. The company has hosted sold-out events at major music festivals such as ADE and Miami Music Week, and its tracks have topped US Dance Top Ten Airplay charts. The buzz around Enhanced is palpable, with the new HQ marking another exciting milestone in its journey.

The celebration of this milestone was evident on May 3rd, when the label hosted an office opening party coinciding with the 750th episode of Enhanced Sessions. This event featured exclusive live guest mixes from artists like Amy Wiles, Estiva, Jesabel, and Darren Tate, highlighting the talent and community that Enhanced has fostered over the years. This event was followed by a sold-out Colorize event at Hackney’s Colour Factory, further showcasing Enhanced’s vibrant presence in the music scene.

Future Aspirations

Enhanced Music’s new headquarters and recording studios are more than just a celebration of past achievements; they are a bold step towards the future. The company aims to enhance its presence in key markets such as the UK, US, and Europe, leveraging its new facilities to attract and support top-tier talent. The studios are available to Enhanced’s artists, songwriters, producers, and their collaborators, providing them with a creative space to innovate and produce high-quality music without additional costs.

Will Holland, Founder and Director of Enhanced Music, expressed his excitement about this new chapter: “We’re thrilled to open our new office and studios in London. We’ve been on a great run over the last few years and it’s been a long-time dream to have a creative hub for our artists. To now realize that dream feels like a huge moment for us, and I believe this important next step in our evolution will help propel us forward again.”


  1. What makes Enhanced Music’s new HQ special? Enhanced Music’s new HQ in London is equipped with three state-of-the-art recording studios, a live-streaming space, and houses four acclaimed labels. It provides a creative hub for artists and songwriters, offering top-end equipment and resources.
  2. Who can use the new recording studios? Enhanced Music’s artists, songwriters, producers, and collaborators can use the facilities free of charge, providing them with a high-quality space to create music.
  3. How does the new HQ support Enhanced Music’s growth? The new HQ provides a central hub for recording, publishing, and live-streaming. It enhances the company’s ability to nurture talent and produce high-quality music while also expanding its presence in key markets.
  4. What events marked the opening of the new HQ? The opening of the new HQ was celebrated with a packed office party on May 3rd, featuring the 750th episode of Enhanced Sessions. The celebration continued with a sold-out Colorize event at Hackney’s Colour Factory.

Enhanced Music’s new headquarters and recording studios in London mark a significant milestone in the company’s journey. As it celebrates 15 years of success, Enhanced is poised for an exciting future, with its state-of-the-art facilities providing a creative hub for artists and a strong foundation for further growth. This new chapter promises to propel Enhanced Music to new heights, solidifying its place as a leading force in the dance music industry.

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