Irish DJ/Producer Jack Casey aka EMBRZ presents his debut album “Moments” out now via Lane 8's record label This Never Happened, with his latest single “Sleeptalking” featuring Emily Nance.

Written and produced this past year during the lockdown, EMBRZ found himself isolated in a small coastal town north of Ireland, and all of the emotions and thoughts transpired into this 11 track body of work. With features by Lizzy Land, Abroad, as well as his own vocals, the album leads with track 1 “Take a breath, let's begin” and ends with track 11 “this is where it ends…,” making the introspective listening journey cathartic.

I don't think the album has one core message, but is made up of different feelings and emotions (both good and bad) / things I wanted to say while being in lockdown and coming to the end of it.

I’ve always been fascinated with how music can make me feel nostalgic. Feeling connected to a memory through sound. It’s a conflictory feeling, because you’re sad that a moment in time has passed, but happy it happened. That duality of feeling happy and sad is always what I’m aiming for in my music and this album.

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