Elite Dangerous players have teamed-up to take down the first of eight seemingly-invincible warships known as Titans in a week-long battle.

To celebrate Elite Dangerous’ tenth anniversary, Frontier Developments launched the sprawling second Thargoid War storyline, with players needing to defeat a number of Titans in the online space flight simulation game.

Titans are the capital ships of the Thargoids army, and have previously been near-impossible to take down. However, Frontier Developments launched the Kill The Titans update at the end of last month, and since then players have been teaming up to try and destroy the Titans.

Last week players had their first major victory in the battle, with the destruction of Taranis. The battle lasted a week, with players having to work together to destroy the Titan’s eight hearts. There was a 67.8 per cent death rate during the battle, with close to 500 ships taking part. Everyone who participated received 400 Arx, Elite Dangerous’ in-game currency but there are still seven more Titans to defeat.

Responding to a video of Taranis’ explosion, one fan wrote: “I am amazed what Frontier Developments did here. They managed to make the engine framework handle such a huge environmental change in the live game, not within a server downtime, and across all instances!”

“This is a huge leap for Elite Dangerous and I am saying seriously, that for all open world MMOs as well. Amazingly designed. Huge respect for this instantly iconic sci-fi explosion (and for the week long event),” they added.

It appears there will be more to uncover once it’s possible for Elite Dangerous players to visit the explosion site, but for now attention has turned to second Titan, Leigong.

Leigong and Taranis are the two weakest Titans, due to the number of systems they control. The other six Titans currently have “maximum,” damage resistance, making them pretty much invulnerable.

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