2019 was huge for Toronto-based DJ and producer MindMassage. After releasing the successful singles "Sailing Away” and "Indecisive,” he’s closing a year with a big drop with an album titled "Emotion.” MindMassage has made an early attempt at long-form works before. Previously, the producer released an EP "Shivers," which has brought him international recognition. 

"Shivers,” and separately released singles and music videos have prepared Alexander Golombeck who stands behind MindMassage for the next step in his career, highlighting the talent of demonstrating a sense of self-awareness in the music he creates. On "Emotion” MindMassage, has taken his instrumentally-driven approach to almost perfection. Throughout the 14 tracks, he has embraced his futuristic and instantly identifiable sound, which refreshes the EDM scene. 

From lyrics to guests, to vibes - everything fits, in the complex yet entertaining tracklist of “Emotion."