A Dune mega fan has reportedly seen the 2021 film over 200 times, memorising its script in the process.

Mac J., who runs the @batsdune account on X (formerly Twitter), has been using the platform as a log to note every time he watches the movie. To date, Mac has seen the film over 200 times and per an interview with Inverse, has the sci-fi epic’s script memorised.

At the time of publishing, Mac J.’s account has logged that the mega fan has seen Dune: Part Two 18 times already – most of them in IMAX. Mac J. wrote on X this past weekend: “I am running out of money” as he logged his 17th time watching Part Two.

Speaking to Inverse, Mac said he first read Dune in 2018 when it was announced that director Denis Villeneuve was adapting the Frank Herbert sci-fi epic for the big screen. “I saw it like 20 times in theaters and over 200 on streaming. Rewatching Dune became a hobby of mine.”

Mac also noted that he used to “keep a tally sheet” to keep track of his rewatches, but “stopped at 100 and that was in 2022.” The fan, who was in high school when Part One released in 2021, shared that he would put the movie on “in the background” while he was studying, or “just sit down and watch” the film whenever he felt like it. Surrounding a good portion of his time with the film led him to having the script memorised, which he said he used to write out in school when he was bored.

Mac is reportedly now pursuing an English degree, per Inverse, though his education hasn’t hindered his experiences watching Dune: Part Two. Having seen the film 18 times so far, the fan proclaims that IMAX is the only way to experience the film: “I watched it in standard and it wasn’t the same at all. I can’t imagine watching it in streaming.”

Timothée Chalamet return as Paul Atreides in ‘Dune: Part Two’. CREDIT: Warner Bros.

Dune: Part Two released earlier this month, and has scored a four-star review from Matthew Turner, who wrote for NME: “As with the first movie, Part Two proves a pulse-poundingly immersive experience, courtesy of cinematographer Greig Fraser’s stunning visuals, production designer Patrice Vermette’s wildly imaginative sets and some inspired sound design work. This is particularly evident during the film’s exciting central set piece, when Paul has to prove himself by riding a giant sandworm, a punch-the-air moment that was teased in the first part and pays off wonderfully here.”

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