Don Diablo is always full of surprises. After a massive year featuring an incredible album, and countless singles to boot, Don isn't done quite yet. Today on social media, the future house pioneer has teased what might be his biggest collaboration yet. This time Don is blurring the lines of dance music with rap as his new single features none other than Gucci Mane.

While hardcore fans have nothing to worry about in terms of this being an all-out rap track, it is exciting to see Don continue to push his horizons. Time and time again with each new release, Mr. Diablo continues to develop his sound further. His album ‘Future' was initially met with mixed fan response due to it working with new sounds than his signature style, but quickly the world realized that Don Diablo is so much more than only future house – and this is a point he continues to demonstrate with each new release.

Check out the announcement below.