DJ Python has released a new three-track EP Club Sentimientos Vol. 2 on Incienso. The three-track EP has a similar line drawn throughout the project with a mellow, melancholic melody that changes, but carries the same mood.

The EP kicks off with the smooth and beautiful opener “Angel” that clocks in at nearly 10 minutes, but remains interesting the whole time. There isn’t much worse than a boring song that is also way too long. “Angel” finds ways to keep you captivated with soft pads and percussion meeting at the perfect middle. “TMMD (IMMMD)” switches up the rhythms a little bit with reggaeton, but still keeps the same echoing, soothing synth lines. The finale, with its meta title “Club Sentimental Vol Three,” doesn’t diverge from the past two songs, instead combining them with a touch of soft reggaeton and a synth line that languishes in its own wintery sadness.

This is the first solo project from DJ Python since his April 2020 album Mas Amable. Club Sentimientos Vol. 2 continues to blend dancehall beats with house and ambient music, but in a mellower way. Get your copy of the EP here.

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