Desperado Orchestra pays a moving tribute to his wife on his newly released music video for the song “Outer Space”. He wrote this song for his wife, to show the deep respect and gratefulness he has for the love she has been giving him over the years, and how it helped him go through some of the most difficult phases of his life. 

Desperado Orchestra took part in the Iraq war as an American soldier, and this experience affected him to the point where he was diagnosed with post-traumatic disorders upon return to the United States. Today, he lives in Hawaii, an island he loves and where he has founded a music program and a studio with his wife. He also performs regularly across the United States, and the release of the music video for “Outer Space” will help him exponentially expand his fan base, and share his music with the masses.  

The visuals are incredibly well imagined, capturing Desperado in several rockets and space machines, all done with a sure sense of humor and style. One of the most personal and powerful songs from this ultra-talented artist, “Outer Space” will continue resonating in our ears and souls for a long time.