Get ready to hear dance music in your home like you never have before. The world’s biggest dance label, Spinnin Records, is releasing 52 tracks in 360 Reality Audio, all showcased in an exclusive playlist on Deezer.

360 Reality Audio is a fully immersive experience, perfect for dance music fans. You’ll feel like Spinnin’ Records’ biggest artists are performing in the same room as you. This includes Mike Williams, Mesto, Lucas & Steve, Quintino, Curbi, Breathe Carolina, Joe Stone, and more!

One tune where 360 Reality Audio really makes the song pop is “Make you Mine,” the latest hit by Mike Williams. The melodic aspect of the song really comes to life in a perfect blend of warm piano chords and the emotional vocal performance of Moa Lisa. Mesto’s catchy dance track “Leyla”, in 360 Reality Audio also brightens up your day even more so than the original. You will be taken by surprise thanks to the rich 360 Reality Audio format.

“Spinnin’ Records has created an awesome 360 Reality Audio playlist to take you to the nightclub, from the safety of your own home. It’s a unique experience you won’t forget! As the beat surrounds you and the energy levels rise, it will feel perfect for lockdown party vibes,” said Robin Wilms, who’s Deezer’s Head Of Content for Europe, Asia & Africa.

The Spinnin’ Records x 360 Reality Audio playlist is available now through the dedicated “360 by Deezer” app. Just grab a pair of headphones and a Deezer HiFi subscription and you’re all set!