Who else gets giddy when they think about hitting a live show and grabbing the freshest tour merch? T-shirts, hoodies, decals, hats, flags… you name it. The keepsakes that keep the memories alive from your favorite shows are held near and dear and a great way to meet like-minded friends.

How many of you have gone to Electric Forest and worn your merch out and about? Were you stopped in your tracks when someone from across the room shouted, “Forest Fam?!”. Bet you were.

While merch is a highly sought after souvenir from shows and festivals, in my opinion, there’s one brand in the scene that’s flourishing when it comes to demand and quality.

Owned and Operated by Truth, Deep Dark and Dangerous has been dominating the apparel game.

Deep, Dark and Dangerous is well-known as a forward thinking record label in the 140 BPM landscape. Truth has set the bar exceptionally high with a roster that shakes speakers with their unforgiving low-end frequencies.

You’ll find artists like Khiva, The Widdler, Distinct Motive, DMVU, Ternion Sound and so many more are proud to represent the values of DDD. You can find the full roster here. PS… They have a new EP forthcoming by newcomer, Widow, and it’s a hauntingly good time.

Deep Dark and Dangerous is on to something more than just managing a label. Their standard for producing quality merchandise is beyond any other EDM based apparel line. Their on brand threads are highly sought after, and for good reason.

Once new products hit the store, it’s an all out frenzy between bass enthusiasts across the globe to snag the newest digs.

Some of their newest releases are highly exclusive. Meaning, they release very low quantities in rounds to make ends meet when it comes to offering goods that their fans can feel like they’ve hit the ultimate pot of gold.

Regardless, the brand is incredibly unique in style, but is quite tasteful and has purpose for those who follow the deep dub label that is in a lane of their own. Dedicated fans purchase a number of items at a time just for trading purposes. The quality? Psh… don’t even question it. You’ll find top quality jerseys with patching that is bar none. You can find the official Deep Dark and Dangerous shop here. Also, pro tip, be sure to sign up for the mailing list. The drops will be emailed to you first, and you don’t want to miss out on the popular sizes. Check out their work below.


We should also mention that the label has been more than a god send during Quarantine. Since COVID-19 took hold, they’ve taken it upon themselves to deliver quality music no matter the circumstance. Dubbed quarantine sessions, they bring out every major hitter in and outside of their label for all the deep tunes you can ever ask for.

Tune in on Twitch for the next live stream on August 29th to get a taste of what Deep Dark and Dangerous provides to the masses. Their streams are bi-monthly and completely obliterating. However, during the stressful times of 2020, you’ll find nothing more relieving to the mind and soul.