Daniel Radcliffe has opened up about the type of television he enjoys, sharing that he’s a fan of animated shows like The Simpsons.

Speaking with CBR about the new episodes of Mulligan, which recently aired on Netflix, Radcliffe spoke about his natural progression into voicing adult animation, considering that he spent years watching cartoons.

He shared how he is into light-hearted television, including reality TV and animated series, and steers away from heavy dramas.

“Honestly, I watch cartoons, and I watch reality TV,” he shared. “I’ve never seen Breaking Bad. I’ve never watched The Sopranos, or The Wire. All the sort-of, heavy hour-long stuff. Just, I can’t.”

He continued, saying that it might be the result of television he enjoyed as a child: “I think it does probably in part stem from growing up on The Simpsons in the way I think so many people of our generation [did as] kids.”

He recalled watching the game show Jeopardy! in which a contestant “credited a ton of his trivia knowledge to The Simpsons.”

The Harry Potter star said: “That’s absolutely true of me as well.” Radcliffe even had several guest appearances in the popular animated series.

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe voiced a character in ‘The Simpsons’ Series 22 Episode 4 ‘Treehouse of Horrors XXI’. CREDIT: Sky/Artwork © 2010 Fox and its related entities.

“There are so many weird facts, and things from my general knowledge of the world to my sense of humour were formed in some way by The Simpsons.”

Elsewhere in the interview, he spoke about the animated series BoJack Horseman, in which he had a guest role: “I think a lot of BoJack Horseman would be just too fucking bleak and sad if it wasn’t a talking horse.”

He continued: “The classic example is Homer strangling Bart in The Simpsons. In a live-action [series], that’s just like a horrendous act of child abuse that there’s nothing funny about whatsoever, whereas it’s a running gag in The Simpsons, and it’s funny because of what Bart’s neck does.”

Speaking about his appreciation of adult animated television, he said: “It makes sense that our generation of people that have grown up on The Simpsons would want to continue watching more adult-themed cartoons when they got older.”

In other news, Radcliffe shared recently that he doesn’t want to make a cameo in the upcoming Harry Potter television series.

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