Picture of D.J.C. “Sexy House Thang”

Celebrated music producer and entrepreneur of British-American origin, D.J.C., also recognized as Daniel Jahmal Clarke, D.A., and Urban Enigma, exudes an undeniable charisma that transcends boundaries within the underground and cross-mainstream landscape. The artist known for his groundbreaking record label, NexGen Music, now, prepares to ignite anticipation by offering a glimpse into his highly awaited single, “Sexy House Thang.” 

The dynamic music scene of New York City sparked D.J.C.'s imagination, leading to the inception of this single back in 2010, during his humble days in Brooklyn. In the process, the producer met with many extraordinary musicians; some were introduced through established connections, while others emerged by chance. Their combined efforts resulted in an immersive musical experience that showcases their remarkable talent and shared vision.

With Bijoux's soulful vocals and D.J.C.'s incredible arrangements at the forefront, the upcoming release embodies a journey of dedication and perseverance. In their pursuit of visually stunning content, both artists devoted months to storyboarding sessions. Driven by commitment and passion, they partnered with the brilliant visionary Neil Sanford, who helmed the song’s animated music video.

D.J.C.’s “Sexy House Thang” is to be released via his label, Affectionate Grooves / NexGen Music. This exceptional track not only highlights the expertise of Malin Gibbes on saxophone, Vasti Sivell on piano, Greg Diamond on a captivating guitar solo, and Gareth 'Undersound' Evans, who adds delightful guitar licks, but also features Khalid Alzouma contributing with keys licks. Anticipation is building for the single, which will be accompanied by a music video, scheduled to debut in late July.