Australian artist cln has gifted us with a good chunk of new music since 2019 has started with singles like “What I Know”, “Own Skin” and “Waiting For You”, all of which leading up to his forthcoming debut album. Today he returns with “Fade To Grey” his beautifully chilled and romantic track that is a little different sounding compared to prior releases, but in a good way. The slow burning single is a great look into cln's unique catalog. Hyped for the new album, due out soon! Stream “Fade To Grey” below now and check out a quote from cln under that. Enjoy!

“This song was a result of experimentation with new sounds and textures. While I was working on this song, I realized I’d been trying to pigeonhole myself into a particular style rather than make whatever comes naturally. At that point I decided that I should try avoiding sticking to a particular ‘sound’ and instead experiment as much as possible and see what happens. This song doesn’t really sound like anything else I’ve made -but I like it anyway.” -cln