A lurid EP swathed in elegant charm, Chris Varvaro stuns in his Waking Up. Through six sonic tracks, Varvaro creates an introspective and highly reflective journey through sound. Waking Up shares 4 originals along with an intro and outro, to format a journey that feels connected as an EP should. Chris Varvaro uses a wide spectrum of lucid themes to breathe to life musical works that incorporate rich samples, vivid beauty, and his signature #pursound all in tandem.

“The “Waking Up” EP was created through the lens of wellness and holistic healing. I do not like that it has become “cool” to be sad as I have noticed that this has become a trend in music lately and there is already enough going on in the world. I do not believe that people need more darkness in their lives. I want to communicate the opposite with this EP. I want people to be able to listen to this and find healing, calmness, and zen. I want people to be able to learn about themselves and not be afraid to express their true identities. Throughout the pandemic, I took a lot of time to get to know myself as a person and as an artist.  I took time away from music and focused on myself and my family. I utilized tools such as meditation to learn about myself and keep myself centered. I want people to be able to listen to this EP and feel safe and open to exploring themselves and their minds while also feeling a sense of comfort.  I really hope my listeners have as meaningful of a listening experience as it was a creative experience for me in the studio!” – Chris Varvaro

Waking Up is out now. Stream it on your favorite platform here, or find it below on Spotify.