chillhum is an up and coming artist based in Los Angeles who blends indie/pop/hip-hop elements with his unique style of future-beat/electronica, resulting in a sound that can be likened to a mix between Flume, Louis the Child, Petit Biscuit& Robotaki. His hybrid new single “I'm Slippin” is a hard hitting original that is well worth checking out. This is the first piece of music I've heard by chillhum (Awesome name btw) but I plan to continue to check his stuff out because “I'm Slippin” is dope. Check out a quote from chillhum below and under that stream his new single!

“I felt as if the song was building towards an eerie and almost disorienting climax, and that’s what I tried to achieve with my sound design, all of which I did entirely from scratch. The way the almost acoustic verse and pre chorus build and lead into the droning lead synth and distorted bass reminded me of the feeling of transitioning between two different states of mind. This idea is where the lyrical concept of “I’m Slippin” was really solidified, and I tried to draw on my own personal experiences to give thelistener vivid descriptive phrases that made them feel almost as if they themselves are making such a transition just from listening to the song.This was a really fun song for me to make because possibly the most exciting thing for me to hear in new music is the breaking down of genre barriers, and this one truly is a genre bender. I was able to draw on influences from the likes of Jack Johnson or Sublime with the guitar and vocal parts, while also including a heavily electronic section that drew inspiration from my favourite electronic producers like Flume, Petit Biscuit, Louis the Child & Robotaki for example. One of my largest goals in music is to make art that stands on its own without being limited to a genre, and I think this release is an excellent step in that direction.” -chillhum