Burko is back again with his second EP release of 2022. Titled “Can't Stay Here”the brand new project was introduced to the music scene on April 22 via There Is A Light Records. Burko has been making a name for himself in the southern California house music scene since 2020 when he began releasing tracks featuring his Medieval House sound that’s unique for its dark, heavy beats. Yet, Burko’s future as a musician is far from dark.

“Can’t Stay Here” is another example of Burko’s innovative approach to music while showcasing his talent. This project transcends musical genres to blend electronic elements with deeper themes to create a soothingly hypnotic atmosphere on the dancefloor. Be on the lookout for a continued climb from Burko for the rest of 2022 that includes a lot of new music and plenty of amazing live shows.

Listen to the EP below!