The Beatport charts, whether for the site as a whole or more specific genres, are excellent vanity metrics for artists and audiences fans. Artists can share that their latest song is ranking in one of the top spots and audiences of the music can, with upturned noses, talk highly of the music that is too “mainstream now” for their tastes.

But doesn’t it feel like the conversation stops and ends there? Artists have a story about their music hitting the top ten and then being gone 24 hours later, or hipsters talk about how mainstream the charts are these days (which equally ends the conversation, but for different reasons).

So, let’s flip the script by taking a not-so-deep dive into the history and talking points of this week’s best-selling melodic techno DJs. Are all these DJs and artists “technically” melodic techno 100% of the time? Not, but they are all charting on the Beatport Top 100 for the genre, so let’s dive a bit more into their history so that you can either be inspired by their journey or have a couple of bullet points to talk about at the rave this weekend.


Massano, an artist from Liverpool, has made significant progress in the electronic music industry, particularly in the melodic techno genre. His music blends robust sound design with captivating rhythms and melodies, earning him recognition as a rising star in recent years. His track “The Feeling” gained popularity, leading to the successful release of his debut EP ‘In My System,’ which topped the Beatport Releases Chart and received solid live support. Support from top DJs like Tale of Us, Calvin Harris, and David Guetta, as well as radio play on BBC Radio 1, has expanded his fan base.

2023 Massano was ranked as the third best-selling Melodic Techno artist, thanks to his releases on labels like Afterlife and Drumcode. He also launched his label, Simulate, to promote his music and support emerging artists. The label reflects his futuristic vision, combining music and technology to explore deep themes through a captivating sonic experience. His achievements include a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and remixes for artists like Depeche Mode and Royksopp, showcasing his evolving style and dedication to pushing techno music boundaries.

In 2024, Massano is set for a big year with plans for more shows, new music, and expanding his brand through merchandise and fan clubs. His busy schedule last year included over 120 shows and a dozen new tracks, highlighting his productivity and growing influence in the global electronic music scene. Massano’s journey showcases his talent and strategic vision for his career and the music industry.


Rampa, a prominent figure in electronic music, began his career in 2009 with Keinemusik, a group and record label he helped create. Based in Berlin, Keinemusik is more than just a label – it’s a collective of DJs and producers who share a common vision. Members like &ME, Adam Port, Reznik, and Monja Gentschow have crafted a distinct sound that fuses techno and house, releasing tracks and hosting events that have solidified their presence in the music industry. Over time, Rampa expanded his influence by collaborating with renowned labels such as Cocoon, Innervisions, and Crosstown Rebels.

Working with various artists has enhanced his standing in the electronic music community. His passion for music production grew with TEILE, a project dedicated to creating custom analog DJ effects, showcasing his love for music and innovation. Rampa’s perseverance and focus on studio work recently paid off with a top-ten hit in the melodic techno genre on Beatport. This accomplishment underscores his unwavering dedication and talent in producing music that resonates with a broad audience, marking a significant milestone in his music journey.

Alan Dixon

Alan Dixon’s rise in the music industry is an inspiring tale of passion, perfect timing, and growth. He started his musical journey in the clubs of North East England as a rock fan. However, everything changed when he discovered the lively club scene. This shift in his musical taste led him to become a resident DJ at prestigious venues like the Ministry of Sound in Singapore and later at Savage in London. These key roles honed his skills and expanded his musical horizons, laying a strong foundation for his future projects.

By collaborating with well-known labels such as Running Back, Permanent Vacation, and Correspondent, Dixon received high praise, even earning regular airtime on BBC Radio 1. His talent for creating impactful disco edits and later, original tracks, resonated within the industry, catching the attention of big names like Mixmag, Defected, and Traxsource. His music, heavily influenced by disco and Italo disco, evolved from soulful house to energetic big-room anthems over time, showcasing his versatility and deep understanding of the genre.

In 2020, Dixon took a significant step in his career by launching his label, Love Attack. This decision allowed him to explore his creative ambitions further and release music that reflected his artistic vision, including a standout EP from Man Power. His track ‘Edge of Forever’ was featured as an “Essential New Tune” on Pete Tong’s show, marking his breakthrough on the global stage. Alan Dixon is on the verge of worldwide recognition with his distinctive peak-time synth sound, now endorsed by top DJs like Danny Howard and Annie Mac. His journey embodies a skillful mix of determination, growth, and musical creativity.

John Summit

John Summit, a native of Chicago, has quickly become well-known in the global dance music scene. He is famous for mixing the classic beats of Chicago house with catchy melodies and modern production methods. His music always gets people dancing, and he has a big following with over 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Summit’s accomplishments include being the best-selling artist on Beatport in 2021 and reaching the #1 spot on US Dance radio with his song ‘Human’.

In 2022, Summit’s career continued to soar as he performed at major music festivals worldwide, such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland, and Bonnaroo. He also expanded his influence by starting his own label and event brand, ‘Off The Grid’, which reflects his goal of pushing musical boundaries while keeping his tracks energetic and easy to enjoy.

His latest release, “Show Me,” made in collaboration with Hannah Boleyn, showcases his unique style that combines powerful basslines with captivating vocals. The song has been well-received, further establishing his reputation as a key figure in the tech house genre. With “Show Me” and other successful releases, John Summit continues to prove himself as a leading force in house music, promising more innovative contributions to the scene.

Silver Panda

Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer, known as Adriatique, have had a successful career in electronic music since they met in Zurich in 2008. Their partnership has grown both personally and professionally, creating a unique sound that combines their musical preferences.

This collaboration has enhanced their DJ performances and music production as well as their personal lives, as they live and work together, supporting each other’s artistic pursuits. 2016 Adriatique reached a significant milestone by starting their label, Siamese.

This label features their music and provides a platform for other artists, reflecting their belief that music is a form of meditation. Siamese stands out by supporting music and visual and performance arts, fostering a diverse community that showcases various forms of artistic expression during their club events.


Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer, known collectively as Adriatique, have built a noteworthy career in the electronic music scene since meeting in Zurich in 2008. Their partnership has flourished both personally and professionally, crafting a distinct sound that blends their musical tastes. This synergy has not only fueled their DJ performances and production work but also their lives, as they live and create together, supporting each other’s artistic endeavors.

In 2016, Adriatique achieved a significant milestone by launching their label, Siamese. This label showcases their music and serves as a platform for other artists, aligning with their belief that music is a form of meditation. Siamese stands out by extending its support beyond music to include visual and performance arts, creating an interdisciplinary community highlighting all forms of artistic expression during their club nights.

Looking ahead, Adriatique plans to expand its creative reach and collaborative network through Siamese, underscoring their commitment to innovation and artistic unity. With a decade of experience behind them, Adriatique continues to push the boundaries of their craft, proving that their journey in the world of electronic music is far from over. This drive is exemplified by their recent collaboration with Undercatt on the ‘Horizon’ EP, marking another chapter in their evolving artistic narrative.

Alex Wann

Alex Wann, a DJ and producer based in Paris, has quickly risen in the deep house music scene with his recent track, “Milkshake.” This track gained popularity during the summer of 2023, notably played by the Keinemusik crew at their Brooklyn Mirage show in New York. “Milkshake,” though not officially released, has caught the attention of a global audience, drawing inspiration from Kelis’s famous song from two decades ago to create a deep house version that has resonated widely, earning a spot on playlists of top DJs worldwide.

Throughout his career, Alex Wann has showcased his talent and creativity in the electronic music industry, especially within the deep house genre. His unique approach to music production has garnered significant praise, with support from influential figures like Diplo, Pete Tong at BBC Radio 1, and John Summit. His remix of Swedish House Mafia’s “Ray of Solar,” done in collaboration with Sasson, further solidified his position as a prominent figure in the scene, known for his innovative and captivating productions.

As Alex Wann progresses in his career, his impact on the deep house scene is evident. His tracks are popular in live performances and highly sought after on streaming platforms. His artistic journey represents a significant path in the electronic music realm, where he is quickly becoming a benchmark for excellence and creativity in melodic techno.


Argy began his career at Panorama Bar when he was just 20 years old. His talent has impressed the electronic music scene. Argy has had residencies at top clubs in Ibiza like Amnesia and Pacha, and he is also well-known at Moni Mykonos. His album ‘The Interior Journey’ on Renaissance Records in 2021 was praised for its creativity and depth, solidifying his position as a major figure in dance music.

In 2022, Argy’s EP reflected the spirit of Tulum’s music season. It quickly rose to the top of Beatport’s release and Indie Dance charts, marking a significant shift in his career towards a wider audience. This achievement was not a one-time success but a result of his deep knowledge of electronic music, allowing him to remain relevant and influential in a constantly changing music scene.

Argy’s latest album, “New World,” on Afterlife, is the culmination of his experience and artistic development. This album maintains Argy’s unique melodic techno style while exploring new themes and sounds. Through collaborations that add depth to the album and a positive reception that once again positions him as a leader in the genre, Argy shows that his creative journey is ongoing, promising more innovative and inspiring music in the future.


Baset, a DJ and producer from Cairo, has had a significant impact on the melodic techno genre. His music combines ethereal and progressive sounds to create a unique style. By blending strong rhythms and hypnotic techno with a touch of melancholy, he explores music’s emotional depth. Baset aims to engage listeners with captivating melodies that keep the energy high until sunrise, providing a profound experience on the dance floor.

Over time, Baset has honed his sound, which is innovative and rooted in techno traditions. His emphasis on strong rhythms and melodic progressions distinguishes him in the electronic music scene. His dedication to pushing musical boundaries has earned him a reputation for delivering technically skilled and emotionally moving sets.

Recently, Baset reached a significant milestone: one of his tracks entered the top ten charts on Beatport in the melodic techno genre. This accomplishment highlights his talent, creativity, and the strong connection his music has with a global audience. It marks a pivotal moment in his career, promising further success and influence in the techno-music realm.

Black Coffee

Black Coffee, whose real name is Nkosinathi Maphumulo, was born in Durban, KwaZulu Natal. He started his music career by studying Jazz at Natal Tech. His big break came when he joined the Red Bull Music Academy in 2003, introducing him to the South African DJ scene. In 2005, he released his first album and founded Soulistic Music, not just for himself but also for other artists, helping him gain global recognition.

Through Soulistic Music, Black Coffee and his artists have toured cities worldwide, from Sydney to New York. He is well-known in the music industry, often performing at top festivals and venues globally. His special blend of African and electronic music has created a unique “Afropolitan House” style that is loved worldwide.

Black Coffee’s talent has earned him many awards, including a Grammy in 2022 for Best Dance/Electronic Album ‘Subconsciously’. Besides music, he has taken on roles like Executive Music Producer for the film ‘God Is A DJ’ and collaborated with artists like Drake. His journey from a young talent at Natal Tech to a respected DJ and producer shows his incredible rise in the electronic music scene, making him a pioneer in mixing cultural and modern sounds.

Miss Monique

Miss Monique, a Ukrainian DJ, producer, and label owner, has quickly become a key figure in the progressive/melodic techno scene. She is well-known for her presence on YouTube, in clubs, and on streaming platforms. With nearly 800,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and videos reaching over 200 million views, she has created a unique style with her engaging live sets. Her MiMo Podcasts are especially popular, showcasing her talent in blending techno and melodic house music to captivate a global audience.

Miss Monique is also known for supporting new talent through her label, Siona Records, which she started to promote young progressive artists. As the label celebrates its fifth anniversary, it has gained respect in the progressive house music industry, boosting Miss Monique’s influence. Her reach has grown internationally, with sold-out shows from Argentina to Canada and appearances at events like Coachella and London’s Junction 2 festival. These performances display her musical skills and her ability to connect with diverse audiences worldwide.


Trikk, originally from Portugal and now based in Berlin, has made a name for himself in Europe’s club scene, even during tough times for live music events. Being part of the respected Innervisions label in Berlin, mentored by Dixon, has greatly shaped his music and artistry. This collaboration has boosted his presence in the electronic music community and allowed him to explore and perfect his unique mix of melodic and progressive techno sounds.

Beyond music, Trikk is also into fashion, working with Dixon’s clothing brand, Together We Dance Alone (TWDA), which mirrors his musical style—blending body movement with the joy of sound. This partnership showcases his deep ties to club culture, expressing his music through visual and wearable art. As an experienced artist, Trikk has managed to stay creative even when live shows were rare. His ability to adapt and create great music shows his resilience and commitment to art. With a solid reputation in the European and global techno scenes, Trikk’s career is all about growth, both in music and personally, showing his lasting impact in the world of electronic music.


CamelPhat, the influential DJ duo, started as resident DJs and then moved into production. They have built a strong following and gained respect from industry experts. Top DJs like Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, and Eric Prydz support their music. They are known for creating tracks connecting with house and techno music fans.

Despite being private about their personal lives, CamelPhat has left a significant mark on the dance music scene. Since their debut in 2010, they have been praised for their authentic house music. Their music is released on various labels, showing their versatility and broad appeal. CamelPhat continues to innovate, stay relevant, and shape trends in the industry.

Vintage Culture

Vintage Culture, whose real name is Lukas Rafael Ruiz Hespanhol, was born in Mundo Novo, Brazil. He has had a successful career as a DJ, record producer, and label manager. His love for music started with bands like New Order and Depeche Mode. Instead of pursuing a law degree, he focused on music full-time. His remixes of classic songs quickly gained popularity, helping him rise in the electronic music scene and attract a global audience.

Vintage Culture’s influence and fame grew rapidly, leading him to reach #10 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list in 2023. His innovative productions and remixes have been well-received in clubs worldwide. His music gets people dancing and featured on top electronic music labels, solidifying his position in the global electronic music community.

Today, Vintage Culture is a respected figure in the melodic techno genre, known for his engaging live performances and strong connection with his fans. Through his label, Só Track Boa, he supports up-and-coming artists, showing his dedication to the electronic music scene’s growth. His journey from a small town in Brazil to international success demonstrates his significant impact on the industry. He blends cultural influences with modern electronic sounds, constantly pushing the boundaries of electronic music.


Moderat, a collaboration between German artists Modeselektor and Apparat, represents a unique blend in electronic music, creating sounds that are loved worldwide. They started in 2002 after achieving success individually in Berlin’s music scene. Their first EP hinted at their combined potential. Over time, they continued to grow as solo artists and a duo, with each new release adding to their legacy. Combining Modeselektor’s strong bass with Apparat’s gentle melodies, they developed a unique and harmonious sound reflecting their diverse influences.

Their reputation expanded, and so did their impact, resulting in several well-received albums. Their work is known for its quality and ability to connect with audiences globally. Each album evolved their sound and solidified their position in electronic music. By their third album, they had perfected a mix of deep electronic elements and catchy melodies, establishing themselves as leaders in the genre. Their spontaneous and collaborative approach to music production highlights their enduring appeal and the authenticity of their sound.

Despite their success, Moderat values balance and takes breaks to reflect and recharge, as seen during their hiatus after the third album. This break allowed them to explore individual projects and return with fresh ideas, leading to the release of their fourth album, ‘MORE D4TA’. Crafted during global change, this album demonstrates their ability to adapt and innovate. Their music continues to be a haven for themselves and their listeners, showcasing a constant evolution of sound while staying true to the emotional core that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

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